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Updated: Feb 07, 2024

Is Mecca Bingo on Gamstop?

Is Mecca Bingo on Gamstop

Many bingo enthusiasts often wonder if Mecca Bingo is part of Gamstop. To clarify, yes, Mecca Bingo is indeed on Gamstop. As a major figure in the online bingo landscape, Mecca Bingo’s involvement with Gamstop underscores its dedication to promoting responsible gaming.

Mecca Bingo operates under the stringent guidelines of the UK Gambling Commission license. This means it’s obligated to follow the rules and regulations of the online gambling industry, including the self-exclusion scheme.

Being a part of Gamstop, Mecca Bingo ensures that players have the necessary resources to manage their gaming habits effectively. This commitment to the self-exclusion scheme is a testament to Mecca Bingo’s efforts to maintain a safe and secure gaming environment.

Is it Possible to Get Around Gamstop
and Access Mecca Bingo?

As a dedicated player of Mecca Bingo, you may have opted for Gamstop at some point and are now wondering if there’s a way to access Mecca Bingo despite being on Gamstop. While it’s technically possible, it’s neither straightforward nor recommended.

There are individuals who attempt to bypass Gamstop to continue playing at Mecca Bingo or other similar platforms. They might use a different device, email, phone number, or payment method than those registered with Gamstop. Some even try to contact Gamstop to request a cancellation or reduction of their self-exclusion period. However, these methods are fraught with risks, including potential legal issues, identity theft, and exacerbating gambling addiction.

A safer and more reliable alternative to play online bingo without Gamstop is to choose a casino that isn’t part of the scheme. Numerous bingo sites aren’t regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and thus, aren’t part of the self-exclusion program. Our website provides a comprehensive list of casinos not banned by Gamstop, where we assess and rank the top non-Gamstop bingo sites for UK players.

Our author, Harry Evans, has written a detailed article on this subject titled “How to Avoid Gamstop?” This piece provides comprehensive insights into legal alternatives and responsible gaming practices, offering valuable guidance for those interested.

This article should provide clarity on the question of Mecca Bingo’s association with Gamstop. Remember, responsible gambling is key to a safe and enjoyable gaming experience!

Should you have any queries about Gamstop, delve into our detailed articles and guides, where we’ve covered all the essential information.

How to Cancel Gamstop
and Play at Mecca Bingo?

Cancelling Gamstop to resume playing at Mecca Bingo requires understanding the intricacies of the self-exclusion program. Gamstop is a protective measure for players, and its self-exclusion period is strictly enforced. However, once this period has ended, there are steps you can follow to start playing again.

  1. Complete the Self-Exclusion Period: The self-exclusion period you selected when registering with Gamstop (6 months, 1 year, or 5 years) must be fully served before you can request removal from the scheme.
  2. Contact Gamstop for Removal: After your self-exclusion period has ended, it’s your responsibility to contact Gamstop and request removal from the program. This process isn’t automatic.
  3. Undergo a Cooling-Off Period: Upon requesting removal, you’ll be subjected to a 24-hour cooling-off period. This ensures you’ve had ample time to contemplate your decision.
  4. Rejoin Mecca Bingo: After being removed from Gamstop, you can rejoin Mecca Bingo. This may involve creating a new account or reactivating your previous one.
  5. Practice Responsible Gaming: It’s crucial to remember that the aim is to enjoy gaming responsibly. Establish personal limits and adhere to them to maintain a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Top-5 Alternatives to Mecca Bingo

Our dedicated team has assembled a list of exciting online bingo sites that serve as excellent alternatives to Mecca Bingo, a well-respected brand in the UK. These sites offer a diverse range of games, bonuses, and features that can enhance your bingo experience. Here are our top-5 recommendations:

Samiland Casino

For those who enjoy a spooky thrill, this platform offers a variety of bingo games, including 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball, along with slots, scratch cards, and casino games. The generous welcome bonus of up to £3000 and a VIP club for additional perks make Samiland Casino a compelling alternative.

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SlotsNBets Casino

Dive into enchantment and mystery with this platform. SlotsNBets Casino offers diverse themed bingo games and jackpots, such as Fairy Dust and Lucky Stars. It also features exclusive slot titles from Nektan. The 300% match bonus up to £120 on your first deposit adds to its allure.

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Betti Casino

Adding a splash of colour and fun to your day, Betti Casino offers various bingo games, a vast selection of slots, table games, live casino games, and sports betting. The massive welcome package of up to £3000 and daily tournaments make it a vibrant alternative to Mecca Bingo.

Betti Casino
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Platinum Club VIP Casino

Where charm meets fortune, this platform provides a variety of bingo games, over 600 slots, jackpots, instant win games, and casino games from top providers. The 500% match bonus up to £2500 on your first deposit enhances the appeal of Platinum Club VIP Casino.

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Red Lion Casino

Step into a world of elegance and class with Red Lion Casino. Here, you’ll find high-quality bingo games, a wide range of slots, video poker, card games, and live dealer games. The 300% match bonus up to £1000 on your first deposit makes it an elegant alternative to Mecca Bingo.

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These top-5 alternatives to Mecca Bingo offer unique gaming experiences, diverse game selections, and enticing bonuses, providing excellent options for every bingo enthusiast.

In the event that the previously suggested choices didn’t align with your preferences, there’s no need to worry! We offer a diverse selection of online casinos outside the Gamstop network that are sure to suit your needs. Browse through our most popular picks, and you’ll see the perfect fit for yourself!

Is Mecca Bingo Self Exclusion

Mecca Bingo, like many popular brands in the online gambling industry, takes responsible gaming seriously. While some brands have developed their own self-exclusion tools, many others, including Mecca Bingo, choose to work in collaboration with established programs like Gamstop and GamCare.

These services provide a robust framework for self-exclusion, allowing players to take a break from gambling across multiple platforms. Mecca Bingo’s alignment with these services ensures that players have access to a well-structured system that prioritizes their well-being and promotes responsible gaming.

It’s worth noting that the collaboration with Gamstop and other services doesn’t diminish Mecca Bingo’s commitment to responsible gaming. Instead, it enhances the effectiveness of self-exclusion measures by providing a unified approach that covers a broader range of online gambling platforms.

For more detailed information on Mecca Bingo’s self-exclusion policies and responsible gaming practices, you can visit the official website of the brand at the “Responsible Gaming” sections. The relevant information and support tools can be found here, ensuring that players have all the necessary resources to make informed decisions about their gaming habits.

Mecca Bingo and Gamstop:
Stay Informed about Responsible Gaming

Mecca Bingo is committed to responsible gaming, and they offer a number of tools and resources to help players stay in control. One of these tools is Gamstop, a self-exclusion scheme that allows players to block themselves from gambling sites for a set period of time.

If you are concerned about your gambling habits, you can find more information about Gamstop and other responsible gaming resources on the Mecca Bingo website. You can also visit the Gambling Therapy website for more information and support.


➡️ Does Gamstop affiliate with Mecca Bingo?

Mecca Bingo is indeed affiliated with Gamstop, providing a self-exclusion service for its players.

🤔 What is Mecca Bingo’s reason for using Gamstop?

Mecca Bingo uses Gamstop to promote responsible gaming and provide players with a tool to manage their gambling habits.

✅ Can people who use Gamstop sign up for Mecca Bingo?

While under a Gamstop self-exclusion period, individuals cannot sign up for Mecca Bingo.

⚖️ Is Mecca Bingo a good place to play?

Mecca Bingo is a reputable platform, known for its wide game selection, secure environment, and commitment to responsible gaming.

👉 Can I make a new Mecca Bingo account to get around the “self-exclusion” feature?

Creating a new account to bypass self-exclusion is against Mecca Bingo’s policies and can lead to further issues.

🎰 Which Other Site is the Best Replacement for Mecca Bingo?

Blood Moon, Black Magic, SlotsNBets, Luck of Spins, and Lady Linda are all excellent alternatives to Mecca Bingo, each offering unique gaming experiences.

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