Is Casumo on GamStop?

Is Casumo on GamStop?
Published: Jun, 03 2024
3 mins read
Is Casumo on GamStop?

Casumo, a popular online casino, is in the GamStop plan. This means people who stop themselves using GamStop can’t play with Casumo until their time is up.

Casumo cares about helping people with gambling problems. It follows all the rules from the UK Gambling Commission to make sure its users play in a safe place.

For those who have self-excluded but wish to continue playing, there are alternative platforms not registered with GamStop. These non-UK gaming sites provide options, but it’s crucial to maintain responsible gambling habits at all times.

Is It Possible to Bypass GamStop and Access Casumo?

Many players ask – can we get around GamStop and play at Casumo? The answer is not simple.

You can find ways to bypass GamStop, but it’s not easy. Some players try to join with a new name or email. But this is not good because it breaks the rules of Casumo and GamStop. Also, it goes against what GamStop is for – to help people stop gambling. Another way is to ask GamStop to let you play again. This can take a long time and needs proof that you have control over your gaming. But it’s up to GamStop to say yes or no.

Gamblers who don’t want GamStop can try non-GamStop sites. These casinos, okayed by others than the UK, have lots of games and bets. They help those who said no to playing keep to safe betting. But, keep betting right even at a good non-GamStop site.

Discover more about these choices in a detailed article called “How to Escape GamStop?”. This article offers useful tips and real-world guidance for people dealing with GamStop limits. It’s written by Harry Evans and packed with helpful information. Take a look!

Although ways to go around GamStop are available, it’s not good to keep gaming problem going. Tools like GamStop help handle gambling. Be sure to play responsibly if you choose to bypass these tools.

If you have questions about GamStop, our articles and guides can help.

How to Remove GamStop and Play at Casumo?

If you want to stop GamStop and start playing at Casumo again, it’s not quick. You need to think about it. GamStop helps people control gaming. You must be careful when you remove it.

Step-by-step guide:

Before proceeding, assess your betting habits. If you believe you have control over your gambling activities and can play responsibly, proceed to the next step.
Contact GamStop
Reach out to GamStop’s customer service via their website or phone number. Express your desire to end your self-exclusion period.
Undergo Review
GamStop will review your request. This process may involve answering questions about your playing habits and demonstrating that you can gamble responsibly.
Wait for Approval
If GamStop approves your request, they will lift the self-exclusion. This process can take a few days or weeks.
Return to Casumo
Once GamStop has lifted your self-exclusion, you can return to Casumo and resume playing. Remember to set limits and gamble responsibly.
Consider Alternatives
If GamStop does not approve your request, consider playing at a trustworthy non-GamStop site. These sites are licensed and regulated by authorities outside the UK.

Alternatives to Casumo

Our hardworking team made a list of great other choices like Casumo. We picked these brands because they have special things to offer, lots of different games, easy-to-use interfaces, and really good customer help.

Casobet Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
Casobet Casino

Casobet Casino is a fun place, with lots of games for everyone. The website is easy to use and cares about safe gambling. It’s a good option for people who like to play.

Casigood Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
up to £1000
Casigood Casino

Casigood Casino has old and new games. It sees games differently. The site has strong safety and kind help for fun gaming.


Expert rating by Harry E.
Welcome Bonus 400%
up to £2000

If you want good rewards and many games, consider Goldenbet. They focus on making a safe and fun place to play. They have good bonuses and lots of games.

Fire Scatters Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
100% up to €150
+ 250 spins
Fire Scatters Casino

Fire Scatters Casino is a big site with lots of ways to bet. It cares about user happiness and safe betting. It’s a good pick for people who like lots of choices.

Donbet Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
400% up to £4000
and 100 Free Spins
Donbet Casino

Donbet Casino has great pictures and lots of games. They care a lot about helping people and making sure they are safe when they play.

Each of these alternatives brings something unique to the table, providing players with many options to match their individual gaming preferences.

If the options we gave you earlier don’t quite fit what you want, don’t worry! We have many online casinos not in the GamStop network that can meet your needs. Check out our top choices and you’ll find the ideal one for your gaming likes.

Casumo Self Exclusion: Is It Implemented?

Currently, the Casumo brand has not implemented its own self-exclusion tool. Instead, it collaborates with other programs such as GamStop, Gamban, GameCare, and others.

Casumo and GamStop: Stay Informed About Responsible Gaming

Casumo works with GamStop to show it cares about safe betting. It wants to give players what they need to control their playing, like self-exclusion. It’s key to know about these tools to keep a hold on gambling habits. Casumo tells players to check out safe gaming resources. This helps make sure gaming is safe and fun.


Is Casumo on GamStop?

Casumo is indeed a participant in the GamStop program, meaning players who have self-excluded through GamStop will be unable to access Casumo’s services during their self-exclusion period.

Why does Casumo use GamStop?

Casumo uses GamStop as part of its commitment to responsible gambling. GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that helps individuals manage their gambling habits. By participating in GamStop, Casumo ensures that players who choose to self-exclude are provided with the support they need.

Can Gamstop users register at Casumo?

Registration at Casumo for GamStop users during their self-exclusion period is not possible. However, once the self-exclusion period concludes, they can resume using Casumo’s services.

Is Casumo legit?

Casumo operates as a legitimate online casino, holding licenses from both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. These licenses ensure Casumo’s adherence to strict regulatory standards.

Can I create a new Casumo account to avoid self-exclusion?

No, creating a new account to avoid self-exclusion is against Casumo’s terms and conditions. It’s also against the principles of responsible gambling.

Which alternative is the top choice to replace Casumo?

There are several reputable alternatives to Casumo, such as Magic Win, LoveCasino, and Goldenbet. The top choice would depend on individual player preferences, including game selection, user experience, and customer service.

Check Other Casino Brands

I’m here to share my expertise in the gambling industry with you at Since 2013, I’ve been working in this area and have built up a lot of experience. I focus on collecting online gambling sites, especially those not connected to the GamStop self-exclusion program. Check out our listings and find your perfect fit!

Harry Evans
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