Is Buzz Bingo on GamStop?

Is Buzz Bingo on GamStop?
Published: Jun, 03 2024
3 mins read
Is Buzz Bingo on GamStop?

Buzz Bingo, a well-known UK bingo operator, is part of the GamStop program which helps people who worry about gambling.

GamStop lets people stop themselves from using certain gambling websites, like Buzz Bingo.

Even though GamStop doesn’t include in-person gambling, it’s still a good idea to exclude yourself if you’re worried about betting. This will help you control yourself and avoid problems.

Is It Possible to Get Around GamStop and Access Buzz Bingo?

GamStop helps people with gambling issues. But, some find ways to get around it. This can make gambling issues worse.

Some people may try to go around GamStop to get to places like Buzz Bingo. They do this by using different ways, like using a new payment way, making a new account with a new email, or using a VPN. But, it’s good to remember that these things are not right and might be against the law. If you’re having trouble with self-exclusion, it’s better to talk to GamStop directly and talk about your situation instead of trying to get around the rules.

If you feel in control and want to keep playing, try a casino not in GamStop. There are many options to choose from. You can find a full list of casinos not regulated by GamStop. These casinos work separately from GamStop and give another choice for people who have said no to themselves but still want to gamble the right way.

Read Harry Evans’ article, “How to Not Use GamStop?” for a detailed look at the GamStop system. It delves into the details.

Please remember, responsible gaming should always be the priority, and seeking professional help if needed is the best course of action.

Not sure about GamStop? Our detailed articles and guides have all the answers you need. 

How to Cancel GamStop and Play at Buzz Bingo?

If you stop yourself from playing at GamStop, you can’t play at Buzz Bingo or other online casinos with GamStop. If you want to play at Buzz Bingo again, here’s how to cancel your GamStop self-exclusion:

Steps on How to Cancel GamStop and Play at Buzz Bingo:

Access the GamStop website and log into your account.
Locate and click the “Cancel Self-Exclusion” button.
Provide your date of birth and a reason for cancelling your self-exclusion.
Hit the “Submit” button.
Wait for GamStop to process your request. This could take up to 72 hours.
Upon cancellation of your self-exclusion, head over to Buzz Bingo’s website to set up an account.
Deposit funds using your chosen payment method, such as a debit or credit card, or an e-wallet.
Pick a bingo game of your preference.
Choose your numbers and start your game.

Follow these steps to get back into Buzz Bingo and other online casinos on GamStop. Remember, gambling can become a problem. So, play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Top-5 Alternatives to Buzz Bingo

Our team the best options like Buzz Bingo. We picked them for their different games and easy-to-use websites. Our team worked hard to make this list for you. These choices are as good as or even better than Buzz Bingo.

Magic Win

Expert rating by Harry E.
400% up to £2000
and 100 Free Spins
Magic Win

Magic Win is good for players who want lots of games and a fun interface. It is like Buzz Bingo in caring about customers and fairness.

Spicy Jackpots Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
400% UP TO £2000
+ 100 FS
Spicy Jackpots Casino

If you want lots of games and good bonuses, Spicy Jackpots Casino is great. They have over 1,000 games from top companies, and a big welcome bonus of up to £4000. LoveCasino also wants to make a safe and fun gaming place.

Harry’s Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
UP TO £1200
Harry’s Casino

Harry’s Casino is a website for betting on sports. You can bet on football, tennis, and basketball. You can also play casino games like slots and blackjack. The website is easy to use and has helpful support.

Chilli777 Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
up to £25
Chilli777 Casino

Chilli777 Casino has many different games on a simple website. It is a good choice and thinks about what players want and keeps them safe, like Buzz Bingo.

Seven Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
Up to 7500 EUR
+ 10% Cashback
Seven Casino

Last on our list is Seven Casino, it has lots of games and strong security. Freshbet Casino wants to give a safe and fun gaming time, so it’s a good choice.

Exploring these alternatives to Buzz Bingo – Spicy Jackpots Casino, Harry’s Casino, Chilli777 Casino, Magic Win Casino, Seven Casino, can improve your online gaming experience.

If the options we mentioned before were not right for you, don’t worry! There are many online casinos not linked with GamStop, and they are ready to help you. Check out our top picks, and you will find the best one for you!

Is Buzz Bingo Self Exclusion Implemented?

Currently, Buzz Bingo has not implemented its own self-exclusion tool. Instead, it collaborates with other programs such as GamStop, Gamban, GameCare, and others.

Buzz Bingo and GamStop: Stay Informed About Responsible Gaming

Buzz Bingo and GamStop collaborate to help players gamble in a responsible way. Buzz Bingo joins GamStop to help players who feel they have a problem with betting. This shows that Buzz Bingo cares about its players and wants to keep them safe. They provide a good way for players to control their gambling.

More help and tools are there to manage gaming well. You can check out a website for support, with lots of info and things to help you control gambling.


Does GamStop Affiliate With Buzz Bingo?

Buzz Bingo is indeed affiliated with GamStop. This partnership is part of Buzz Bingo’s commitment to promoting responsible gambling and providing a safety net for players who may need it.

What Is Buzz Bingo Reason For Using GamStop?

Buzz Bingo uses GamStop as part of its commitment to responsible gambling. The service allows players who feel their gambling habits may be becoming problematic to effectively self-exclude from Buzz Bingo and other participating online casinos.

Can People Who Use GamStop Sign Up For Buzz Bingo?

Individuals who have registered with GamStop will be unable to sign up for Buzz Bingo during their self-exclusion period. Once this period ends, they can request to have their access to Buzz Bingo reinstated.

Is Buzz Bingo A Good Place To Play?

Buzz Bingo is a popular choice among players for its wide variety of games, user-friendly interface, and commitment to responsible gambling. It offers a fun and safe environment for online gaming.

Can I Make A New Buzz Bingo Account To Get Around The “Self-Exclusion” Feature?

Creating a new account to circumvent the self-exclusion feature is against Buzz Bingo’s terms and conditions. It’s important to respect the self-exclusion period and seek help if you’re struggling with gambling issues.

Which Other Site Is The Best Replacement For Buzz Bingo?

There are several alternatives to Buzz Bingo, such as Magic Win, LoveCasino, Goldenbet, Mystake, and Freshbet Casino. Each of these offers a unique gaming experience and is committed to promoting responsible gambling.

Check Other Casino Brands

I’m here to share my expertise in the gambling industry with you at Since 2013, I’ve been working in this area and have built up a lot of experience. I focus on collecting online gambling sites, especially those not connected to the GamStop self-exclusion program. Check out our listings and find your perfect fit!

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