Is Betfair on GamStop?

Is Betfair on GamStop?
Published: Jun, 03 2024
3 mins read
Is Betfair on GamStop?

Betfair, a licensed online casino, is part of GamStop. This means if you’ve self-excluded via GamStop, you’ll be unable to use Betfair, reflecting their commitment to responsible gambling.

Betfair joining GamStop makes it safe. GamStop stops people from betting when they said they won’t. This includes Betfair. Betfair wants to keep users safe and gamble responsibly. It’s important to remember that once you stop yourself with GamStop, you can’t change your mind for a while.

Is It Possible to Bypass GamStop and Access Betfair?

It’s important to note that while GamStop is a self-exclusion tool designed to help individuals control their gambling habits, there are ways to bypass it.

Some people might try to get around GamStop by using other personal information or payment ways. But this isn’t a good idea because it goes against the point of the program, which is to aid those having trouble with gambling. If you think you need to get around GamStop, it could be better to talk to GamStop about your problem. They can give tips and help customized to your needs.

If you want to gamble online, but want to control it, you can try playing at a casino that’s not on GamStop’s list. Many non-GamStop casinos are on the internet. These casinos aren’t in the UK’s self-exclusion plan, but they are regulated and licensed by other places. They have lots of games and betting choices. This gives another option for people who think they can handle gambling well.

Our writer, Harry Evans, has written a good article called “How to Avoid GamStop?” It has helpful tips and looks at the good and bad of not following GamStop rules.

In the end, think carefully before deciding to not use GamStop. Consider your own situation and if you can gamble responsibly.

If you still have questions about GamStop, read our helpful articles and guides to fully understand it.

How to Remove GamStop and Play at Betfair?

If you signed up with GamStop before and want to play at Betfair again, you need to follow certain steps. First, you have to cancel your GamStop self-exclusion, but only after the time you chose for exclusion is over. Here’s a simple guide on what to do next:

Wait for Your Exclusion Period to End
You cannot cancel your GamStop self-exclusion before the end of your chosen period. This could be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.
Request Removal
Once your exclusion period is over, GamStop doesn’t automatically lift the ban. You need to contact GamStop and request removal of the self-exclusion.
Undergo a Review
GamStop will check if you can use gambling sites again. This could mean you have to answer some questions about your situation and how well you can control your gambling.
If GamStop approves your request, they will confirm the removal of your self-exclusion. This process may take up to 24 hours.
Access Betfair
Once you quit excluding yourself from GamStop, you can visit Betfair and other websites to bet. Be cautious and consider making limits for how much you bet to avoid issues later.

Alternatives to Betfair

Our professional team has diligently compiled a list of top-tier alternatives to Betfair. These brands have been handpicked based on their unique features, user-friendly interfaces, and superior customer service.

Here’s a brief description of each:

Prestige Spin Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
up to £10,000
Prestige Spin Casino

Starting our list is Prestige Spin Casino, known for its interesting gaming experience. With a wide selection of games and competitive bonuses, it presents a compelling alternative to Betfair.

Richy Farmer Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
450% Welcome Bonus
Richy Farmer Casino

Now we have Richy Farmer Casino, a cool place with lots of games. It’s easy to use and has good deals. It’s a good option if you don’t use Betfair.

Richy Fish Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
Welcome Bonus: 50%
+125 FS
Richy Fish Casino

Richy Fish Casino is another excellent choice. It offers many slot games and betting options, catering to a variety of gaming preferences. The safe platform and helpful service make the games better.

Fortune Clock Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
Welcome Bonus: 450%
Fortune Clock Casino

Fortune Clock Casino gives fun games. It is fair and safe. This makes it a good choice instead of Betfair.

Lucky Barry Casino

Expert rating by Harry E.
UP TO £3000
Lucky Barry Casino

At last, Lucky Barry Casino offers old and new games. Its easy-to-use layout and exciting bonuses make it a good option for people who want a different gaming time.

If those choices don’t work for you, don’t worry! We have lots of online casinos that aren’t linked to GamStop. They can meet your needs. Check out our top choices and find the right one for you!

Betfair Self Exclusion: is It Implemented?

Currently, the Betfair brand has not implemented its own self-exclusion tool. Instead, it collaborates with other programs such as GamStop, Gamban, GameСare, and others.

For more detailed information about Betfair’s self-exclusion policy and other responsible gambling measures, you can refer to the Terms & Condition section on their official website. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with these Terms of Service to ensure a safe and responsible gambling experience.

Betfair and GamStop: Stay Informed About Responsible Gaming

Betfair works with GamStop to show it cares about players gaming safely. With GamStop, players can block themselves from online gambling. Betfair and GamStop team up to make sure players can play safely and not get into problems with gambling. It’s important to help players control their gambling and avoid getting addicted.
Always be careful when gambling. If you need help, reach out to groups that help people with gambling issues. They can offer support and guidance.


Is Betfair On Gamstop?

Yes, Betfair is a part of GamStop. This means that if you have registered with GamStop to exclude yourself from online gambling activities, you will also be excluded from Betfair.

Why Does Betfair Use Gamstop?

Betfair uses GamStop as part of its commitment to responsible gambling. GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that helps individuals control their gambling habits by restricting their access to online gambling platforms for a specified period.

Can Gamstop Users Register At Betfair?

No, users who have self-excluded through GamStop cannot register or bet on Betfair during their exclusion period. Once the exclusion period ends, users can request to have their access to Betfair reinstated.

Is Betfair Legit?

Yes, Betfair is a legitimate online gambling platform. It is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring it adheres to strict standards of fair play and security.

Can I Create A New Betfair Account To Avoid Self-Exclusion?

No, creating a new account to avoid self-exclusion is against Betfair’s terms of service. If you’ve self-excluded through GamStop, this will prevent you from creating an account or betting on Betfair during your exclusion period.

Which Alternative Is The Top Choice To Replace Betfair?

There are several alternatives to Betfair, each with its own unique offerings. However, one top choice could be Blood Moon, known for its immersive gaming experience and competitive bonuses. It’s always best to research and choose a platform that best suits your preferences and needs.

Check Other Casino Brands

I’m here to share my expertise in the gambling industry with you at Since 2013, I’ve been working in this area and have built up a lot of experience. I focus on collecting online gambling sites, especially those not connected to the GamStop self-exclusion program. Check out our listings and find your perfect fit!

Harry Evans
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