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Updated: Feb 02, 2024

Gamstop Self-Exclusion Overview

What Is Gamstop and How Does It Operate?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion service offered to promote responsible gambling. UKGC, UK’s gambling regulator, requires all betting and gambling operators to have self-exclusion schemes for punters. The UKGC promotes responsible gambling and regulates online gambling in the UK.

It has introduced several measures to tackle problem gambling in the UK, requiring individual operators to implement self-exclusion programs. The UKGC is the regulatory body responsible for licensing all operators that provide betting, gaming, and lottery services in the United Kingdom.

What is Gamstop?

The law was enacted in 2021, and all UK-licensed operators must have Gamstop. Gamstop works by keeping players off all UK betting sites and prevents them from playing any game during the exclusion period. Players cannot register and log into any betting site with a UK license and cannot play any online casino games.

Gamstop is a free service that can be accessed by anyone who wants to exclude themselves from bookmakers’ services. If you sign up with Gamstop and make an exclusion request, your account will be blocked from being used at all betting sites. You can use the exclusion period to deal with gambling addiction or cool off from gambling problems. After some time, players may want to continue playing before the exclusion ends. You have various options to bypass Gamstop if you want to continue playing while on exclusion.

Read on to get an overview of Gamstop, how it operates, and everything you need to know about Gamstop

Gamstop Self-Exclusion

Gamstop allows players to set up their self-exclusion from betting websites by logging into the website and entering details and self-exclude. Gamstop was launched in the UK in 2018 and is operated by National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme (NOSES). The program has grown and has served over 250,000 punters. 

Gamstop also offers a support line for players who have gambling addiction problems. Gamstop acts as an independent third party to manage the customers’ self-exclusion requests. It ensures that the player cannot gamble by ensuring they do not have access to any online gaming sites that offer gaming services within the UK.

How Do I Tell I’m on Gamstop?

You can check your Gamstop registration status by login into your Gamstop online account. After registration, you will receive a confirmation mail indicating you have been excluded. The mail will have details, support, and tools to help you deal with gambling problems. Players can get more advice by checking Gamstop’s support page. The exclusion takes about 24 hours to become active.

Is Gamstop and Gamcare the same?

Gambling is a big industry in the UK, worth £8.5 billion in 2024. However, despite the value of the market, gambling addiction is a big issue in the UK, costing £1.27 billion yearly. To combat this, UKGC mandated all UK-licensed operators to have a self-exclusion program. The most common self-exclusion programs are Gamstop and GamCare.

Each self-exclusion program helps meet different needs, though they have many similarities. Gamstop is a UKGC-supported online initiative banning players from online platforms during the exclusion period. The exclusion period is usually six months, one year, and five years. It is free, and any punter can use Gamstop.

Gamcare offers a holistic approach to dealing with problem gambling. It doesn’t rely exclusively on restriction but also encompasses creating awareness, educating, and providing outreach to gambling addicts. Punters can even have face-to-face interactions with the Gamcare support team.s, Gamcare offers a long-term, holistic solution to problem gamblers of the two programs. It helps players address gambling addiction.

How Does Gamstop Work?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion service that allows players to self-exclude on gambling platforms with Gamstop. Players can exclude for six months, one year, or five years. If you want help dealing with gambling addiction, self-excluding with Gamstop can help.

Gamstop restricts players from playing in UKGC online betting platforms. It’s free to register with gamstop. The process is simple, and your exclusion can become effective within 24 hours. Gamstop uses software where you register with all the details you used to register on any betting platform. During exclusion, the software will restrict you from signing in, registering, or playing in any casino or betting site with Gamstop.

How does Gamstop work.

All online betting platforms with a UKGC license must adopt Gamstop as part of the regulations by the UKGC effected in 2021. The need for self-exclusion programs helps deal with gambling addiction and help player practice responsible gambling. 

The service works by blocking users from accessing gambling sites for a set period. If you try logging back into those websites after their exclusion period has expired, you can’t access them without contacting Gamstop and deactivating Gamstop exclusion. You must provide your address and photo ID to register. Gamstop will also use other third-party providers to verify your identity. Gamstop offers many benefits to gamblers and helps protect social welfare.

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How Long Does Gamstop Last?

Players have three options when choosing for long to self-exclude. You can exclude for six months, one year, or five years. The period chosen is called the minimum exclusion period. During the exclusion period, players cannot access UK gambling platforms. Casino sites with Gamstop will automatically restrict your access. You cannot register new betting accounts on platforms with a UKGC license. You cannot log in to your existing accounts in UK betting platforms.

How long does Gamstop last.

After the expiry of your exclusion period, Gamstop will not notify you or send you any email indicating the exclusion period has lapsed. After the minimum period lapses, you may extend the exclusion or deactivate Gamstop.

You must contact Gamstop to deactivate Gamstop self-exclusion, even after the expiry of the minimum exclusion period. You can do this from your Gamstop account and call the Gamstop support team.

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What Countries Does Gamstop Cover?

Gamstop is an initiative by the UKGC. Gamstop thus covers only the United Kingdom. Since UKGC is the regulator of all gambling activities in the UK, you can access Gamstop in all UK’s four constituent countries. They include England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. UKGC oversees all aspects of gambling regulation in Great Britain, including licensing and regulation of betting shops and online gambling operators. 

Gamstop does not cover the Isle of Man. It is governed by its local regulator, which has its licensing system for online and land-based casinos and betting shops (including bingo halls). The Isle of Man isn’t part of the United Kingdom but a self-governing British Crown Dependency. Casinos that don’t have a UKGC license do not have Gamstop. Therefore, you can’t self-exclude with Gamstop while playing on these online platforms.

Does Registering With Gamstop Affect Credit Rating?

Registering with Gamstop will not affect your credit rating. Gamstop checks with UK’s bureaus and third-party providers like Onfido and TransUnion during identity verification. However, this check is a soft check and will not appear in your credit report.

Being on Gamstop and excluding will not affect your credit score. However, your gambling activities might. If you borrow to bet or gamble excessively using your credit cards, this might affect your credit score. Betting using modest and small amounts is considered normal, and lenders will not focus on that.

However, poor financial discipline from gambling addiction will affect your bill payment history and credit card payments and likely affect your credit ratings.

Does Gamstop affect vredit rating.

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Can I Claim Back My Deposits If I’m on Gamstop?

According to the UKGC directives, upon registering for Gamstop, all deposits in your account will be returned to you. After registering for Gamstop, you cannot access UK online betting platforms to initiate any withdrawals. The gambling business is expected to close your betting account and return your deposits. Betting platforms do not pay winnings after self-exclusion starts.

How Many People Have Registered for Gamstop?

Many people have embraced the self-exclusion service since its launch in 2018. Over 300,000 people have so far used the service. In 2021, there was a 21% rise in new registrations into Gamstop.

The numbers indicate growing gambling-related problems and acceptance among punters. Being self-aware is essential for all gamblers to ensure they bet responsibly. The data also shows the rising popularity of Gamstop and confidence in its ability to help problem gamblers and provide mechanisms for players to take a healthy break.

Which Firms are Part of Gamstop?

All online casinos and sportsbooks must be on Gamstop. There are over 2,600 online betting casinos with a UKGC license. The participating companies include 32 Red Limited, 888 UK Limited, AG Communications Limited, Anakatech Interactive Limited, Annexio (Jersey) Limited, Belbridge Consultancy Limited, Betable Limited, BetConnect Limited, Betfair, Betmate, and Betway, among others.

How to Get Off Gamstop?

You cannot get off Gamstop during self-exclusion. Players must wait until their exclusion periods expire. After the minimum exclusion period expires, which can be six months, one year, or five years, you can request to deactivate Gamstop.

To deactivate and cancel your exclusion, you must contact Gamstop. Gamstop doesn’t contact players when the minimum exclusion period lapses. You can request cancellation of the exclusion through your account or by contacting Gamstop support.

After receiving your request, the revocation will take 24 hours to be effective. The 24 hours is for cooling off and verifying the request. If you fail to request the deactivation, Gamstop will extend the exclusion for an additional seven years. After seven years, the exclusion will be deactivated.

How to remove Gamstop.

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How to Bypass Gamstop?

There are several approaches to bypassing Gamstop. You might want to try new bonus offers and play for real money during self-exclusion. When the itch becomes too much, you can get over ten options to bypass Gamstop. Players should control their gambling impulses and ensure they do not suffer the effects of problem gambling. You were self-aware as you opted to bypass Gamstop.

The best approach involves playing on non-Gamstop casinos. The option offers convenience, more games, and exceptional bonuses when you play in these casinos. You can also play on a non-UK casino if you want to take advantage of their welcome bonuses, which are usually higher than what you’d get at a UK casino.

How to avoid Gamstop.

Other options include playing in land-based casinos, asking a friend to register on your behalf, playing in crypto casinos, betting sites without Gamstop, or altering your details. You can also play in US offshore casinos or wait for the exclusion period to expire. These options have special instructions, advantages, and challenges.

You can also use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and play in casinos British players might not otherwise access. A VPN will encrypt your connection and hide your location from the casino servers. The VPN will also allow you to play at any of the non-gamstop casinos globally.

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Are there any Online Casinos Not on Gamstop?

There are many non-Gamstop casinos with great bonuses, good graphics, and payment platforms. The best casinos not on Gamstop have the most slots, table games, and live casino games. You can find both new and classic games from most casinos without Gamstop. 

Top casinos not on Gamstop have an easy-to-use, fast and reliable interface. If you want to play online slots, then check out our top non-Gamtop casinos. These casinos are perfect if you’re looking for a casino with no verification requirements. They also provide exclusive promotions and loyalty programs that let players make more money at these sites by playing more frequently.

These casinos are safe and secure, with excellent customer support. The best casinos not on Gamstop have a lot of good features and can be profitable for players looking to play in a game that is not limited to one casino.

Does Gamstop Include Land-Based Casinos?

Land-based casinos are not covered by Gamstop self-exclusion. Gamstop self-exclusion is for online platforms which don’t include land-based casinos. Land-based gambling operators with a UK license use a different self-exclusion program called SENSE. It’s free to join, offers the same flexibility, and helps deal with problem gambling solutions as Gamstop.

Gamstop currently covers betting exchanges, sports betting, and casino games on mobile devices. It does not cover land-based casinos or any other form of gambling that is not online or mobile. So, if you want to self-exclude when playing at offline gambling platforms, you have to use an alternative exclusion platform. 

Does Gamstop include land-based casinos?

The Gamstop solution is software-based and differs from SENSE, which uses identification features like biometrics. Land-based gambling operators will have to contact their local regulator with the details of their players and request that they be included in the SENSE list. The player must sign a form confirming they understand the consequences of being included on the SENSE list.

Self-excluding from offline platforms carries similar consequences as those of Gamstop. When you self-exclude from offline casinos, the security of these establishments will only deny you physical access. Land-based casinos are one of the options for players looking to bypass Gamstop since they don’t use the Gasmtop software and database.

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Are There Any Betting Sites Without Gamstop?

Yes, there are plenty of betting sites that do not use Gamstop. Non-Gamstop betting sites allow players to bet on various events, sports, and esports. The main difference between a bookmaker and a betting site is that the latter does not have a physical location where players can go to place their bets. Instead, players can make their bets online through various platforms.

The best non-Gamstop betting sites have excellent reputations, security features, bonuses, and promotions and offer betting options on different sports. British players can enjoy the convenience and ease of using these sites. Betting sites without Gamstop offer a wide range of betting options for British punters.

Players can bet on various sports like soccer, basketball, horse racing, golf, and tennis. Players can enjoy the best of both worlds by betting on games from their favorite leagues while also enjoying the convenience of non-Gamstop sites. The sites have great interfaces and allow live betting. You can bet on matches as they play and increase your chances of winning. 

The biggest benefits of playing here are the excellent welcome offers, playing without verification, and bypassing Gamstop. The welcome offers include no-deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, and matching rewards. These sites allow players to play without verification, increasing flexibility, anonymity, and options.

Does Gamstop Include Betting Shops?

Traditional gambling houses don’t have Gamstop. UK-licensed betting shops and kiosks use SENSE, a self-exclusion system for land-based operators. Betting shops are an excellent source of entertainment for British punters. Gamstop advises self-excluding players to seek alternative exclusion services for platforms like betting shops.

For players looking to bypass Gamstop, betting shops are a great option. Some punters have complained that some betting houses will let them bet and win but refuse to make payment on winning coupons.

Does Gamstop include betting shops?

Betting shops offer a wide range of sports betting, including football, tennis, horse racing, and basketball. They also offer casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Gamblers can also enjoy a wide range of other betting options at the betting shop, such as casino promotions and scratchcards.

Betting shops are now found in most towns and cities across the UK. Bookmakers own most betting shops — these companies are licensed by the Gambling Commission to sell lottery tickets and allow betting on football matches.

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Can I find any non-Gamstop Bingo Sites?

Regarding betting, there is no limit to the amount of money you can win. You can play in non-Gamstop bingo sites online and win real money. Non-Gamstop bingo sites do not use the GamStop software to block your account from playing at them. You can play various versions of bingo here, including 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, and 30-ball bingo. 

These sites are the most popular way for UK punters to win real cash prizes in bingo and casino games while bypassing Gamstop. The main benefit of playing non-Gamstop bingo sites is that you can play without registering or downloading any software or software updates. You visit their website and start playing.

Many non-Gamstop bingo sites provide frequent bonuses and promotions that allow players to earn free chips and other rewards in addition to their winnings. They also offer secure transactions through PayPal or other payment options.

Does Gamstop Include Bingo Halls?

Gamstop self-exclusion prevents you from playing on online UKGC sites. For players looking to bypass Gamstop, bingo halls are perfect. Gamstop does not cover bingo halls because they are offline establishments. To exclude yourself from all gambling activities, you must register with SENSE, a self-exclusion service for offline gambling houses. 

Bingo is popular among gamblers. Land-based bingo halls allow UK players to enjoy the game in a fun and exciting setting. Bingo halls are more than just a place to play bingo. They also offer a variety of other games, such as roulette.

The game is played by people who like the thrill of gambling and have an affinity for numbers. Players can choose to play with a few friends or on their own. This allows them to find new ways to win and get even more excited about playing bingo.

Does Gamstop include bingo halls?

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Does Gamstop Include National Lottery?

Gamstop doesn’t fully cover the National Lottery. The National Lottery is very popular among British players. It carries juicy prizes and allows betting to be used for good by giving to charity. 

On the National Lottery, Gamstop only covers instant-win games like Cashword, Winter Wonderlines, Cash Bolt Millionaire, and online scratch cards. Instant win games have plenty of prizes and an array of games. You can even win a cool million. Gamstop doesn’t cover draw games, like Euro Millions and the main Lotto game. 

The National Lottery, as a responsible gambling platform, promotes responsible gambling by providing various simple options. Players can limit their wagers, spend, play, and take breaks.

Does Gamstop include national Lottery?

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Gamstop is an excellent self-exclusion tool for British gamblers. As part of the UKGC regulations, all online gambling houses must adopt Gamstop. Gambling establishments must also promote responsible gambling. Players should seek self-exclusion if gambling becomes addictive and stressful. Gamstop offer different self-exclusion periods, cover different platforms and differs from Gamcare. Players looking to bypass Gamstop can opt for non-gamstop casinos and betting sites and continue to enjoy their favorite games and teams. Understanding how Gamstop operates and its benefits can help many players avoid problems gambling and offer support and tips to ensure gambling is fun and not harmful.

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