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Greetings, fellow gambling enthusiasts, and welcome to my author’s page!

My goal is to share more about myself, showcasing my experience and expertise in the gambling industry both in the UK and around the globe. Here, you will discover who I am, my role in this resource, how my interest in gambling sparked, and the notable achievements I have accomplished.

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Name: Harry Evans

Position: CMO / Chief Redactor, Gambling Expert & Author

Workplace: Online Gambling Resource – sitesnotongamstopuk.net

Date of Birth: 1990-06-18

Nationality: British

Address: Bedford, United Kingdom

Languages Spoken: en-GB

Experience in Gambling: Since 2013

Step into the thrilling realm of online slots and casinos with Harry Evans, your trusted guide and authority in the world of iGaming.


Outstanding Contribution to the Gambling Community by Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters (APCW)

Favorite Casino Games

Poker, Blackjack, Roulette

Favorite Online Slots

Starburst, Fluffy Favourites, Rainbow Riches

Favorite Professional Resources

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Biographical Information

I was born in the lovely town of Bedford, United Kingdom. I grew up with a strong passion for gaming and gambling, which sparked my interest in different casino games and tactics. I would spend hours immersed in books on gambling, exploring the intricacies and psychology behind it all.

While my fascination with gambling was strong, I also indulged in other hobbies. I found great joy and fulfillment in playing sports such as tennis and chess, nurturing my competitive spirit and honing my strategic thinking.

The place of birth of Harry Evans - Bedford, UK.

I entered the gambling industry after earning my degree from the University of Bristol. I secured my first job as a content manager on one of the most renowned gambling forums catering to UK players, where I had the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of iGaming and refine my expertise.

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Since then, my love of gambling has combined with my education, training, and experience to make me a respected expert in the subject. I am dedicated to sharing my insights, guiding fellow enthusiasts, and contributing to the gambling community.

My Career in the Gambling Industry:
From Enthusiast to CMO

I started working as a content writer at my next job and immersed myself in the world of online casinos. It was an exhilarating experience as I delved into testing various platforms and crafting detailed reviews to assist players in making informed choices. My interest in the industry grew as I dove deeper into the world of online gambling.

Harry Evans gambling expert at sitesnotongamstopuk.net

I eventually gained respect for my commitment and knowledge, which led to my promotion to assistant editor-in-chief. This new position brought along fresh responsibilities and challenges. I played a crucial role in leading the team, ensuring the accuracy and calibre of our reviews, and upholding the high standards established by the platform in addition to reviewing and editing content.

Throughout this phase of my career, I prioritized continuous improvement and skill enhancement. I was always looking for ways to improve my writing, my knowledge, and my understanding of the latest trends in the gambling world. This relentless pursuit of growth and self-improvement has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey.

I eventually moved into the position of an analyst, where I had the chance to delve deeper into the complex statistical data and trends influencing the gambling sector in the UK. By gathering and studying this data, I was able to offer insightful commentary and advance understanding of the market dynamics.

Over time, my dedication and expertise propelled me further in my career. Recognizing my commitment and proficiency, I was appointed as the CMO (Chief Redactor) on sitesnotongamstopuk.net, one of the leading platforms in the gambling industry. This prestigious position provided me with an incredible platform to share my extensive knowledge and experience as the main gambling expert.

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Being the CMO and the main gambling expert on sitesnotongamstopuk.net is a role I take great pride in. It allows me to guide and advise fellow enthusiasts, provide in-depth analysis of gambling trends and strategies, and contribute to the growth and development of the platform.

I’m appreciative of the chance to combine my love of gambling with a fulfilling career, and I’m eager to continue developing my knowledge of the fascinating world of iGaming.

My Career Achievements

My goal has been to provide players with exceptional value and gain their trust throughout my career as a gambling expert. I firmly believe that the true recognition of my expertise lies in the positive feedback I receive from the players themselves and the recommendations that come my way. These affirmations from the gambling community fuel my drive to continue providing valuable insights and guidance.

APCW logo.

While I do not actively chase awards, I am humbled to share one particular achievement that holds significance to me. The Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters (APCW) presented me with the “Outstanding Contribution to the Gambling Community” award in 2018. This acknowledgement is proof of the effort and commitment I have put into my work. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who helped me along the way and contributed to this success.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation
to the team at sitesnotongamstopuk.net.

My career has been shaped by their unwavering support, trust, and cooperation, which has allowed me to have a positive influence on the gambling industry.

Together, we have worked to build a website that provides players with useful knowledge, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gambling experience.

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But I’m adamant that the happiness of the players I’ve had the honour of helping determines my success in the real sense. The positive feedback, testimonials, and recommendations I receive from them are the most meaningful forms of recognition. Knowing that I have made a positive impact on their gambling journey is incredibly fulfilling and motivates me to continue my work with even greater passion and dedication.

As I look ahead, my focus remains firmly fixed on serving the gambling community to the best of my abilities. I’m dedicated to offering objective advice, exchanging viewpoints, and assisting in the industry’s expansion and advancement. It is through the trust and appreciation of the players that I find the greatest fulfilment as a gambling expert.

Participation in iGaming Conferences:
Expanding Knowledge and Networking

Throughout my career, I’ve attended numerous iGaming conferences, each offering valuable experiences. Among them, the iGB Affiliate London conference in 2024 holds a special place in my heart. The event brought together industry professionals, featured informative sessions, and provided excellent networking opportunities. It was a source of inspiration and knowledge that further fuelled my passion for the iGaming industry.

The iGB Affiliate London conference.

The iGB Affiliate London conference stood out for its diverse range of sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.

Renowned speakers shared their expertise on various topics, enriching my understanding of the industry and sparking new ideas. The networking opportunities allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals and forge valuable connections.

My professional journey has been forever changed as a result of my conference attendance.

iGB Affiliate London logo.

Looking back, I am grateful for the opportunities to participate in iGaming conferences, but the iGB Affiliate London conference in 2024 truly stood out as an exceptional gathering.

It provided valuable insights, networking, and inspiration, reinforcing my commitment to excel in the dynamic world of iGaming.

Curated Selections of Online Casinos:
Made by Harry Evans (me😊)

Casinos Not on Gamstop – Providing a comprehensive selection of reputable online casinos that are not part of the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme.

Non-UK Casino Sites – Featuring top-rated Non-UK gambling sites, European online casinos and Welsh casinos outside the Gamstop program.

Non-Gamstop Casinos by Preferred Casino Games – Curating selections for popular casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, scratch cards, and lottery sites that are not on Gamstop.

Non-Gamstop Casinos in the UK with the Best Bonuses – Showcasing online casinos not on Gamstop that offer no deposit casino bonuses.

Non-Gamstop Casinos by Top Providers – Highlighting renowned game providers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, featuring their games at casinos not on Gamstop.


Casinos Not on Gamstop Offering Preferred Payment Options – Identifying UK gambling sites that accept credit cards and Apple Pay as convenient payment options.


Non-Gamstop Casinos with Different Deposit/Withdrawal Conditions – Listing online casinos with low minimum deposit requirements (£5 and £10) and those without withdrawal limits.


Non-Gamstop UK Sites by License – Featuring Curacao-licensed online casinos that are not part of the Gamstop scheme.

Betting Sites Not on Gamstop – Providing a selection of reputable betting sites for sports enthusiasts who wish to bypass Gamstop restrictions.

It’s important to remember that the selections list will be routinely updated and enhanced each month. I strongly recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the most recent upgrades and additions. By doing so, you won’t miss any of the valuable updates and offerings available on sitesnotongamstopuk.net.

The Importance of
Gambling Regulation in the UK

As someone deeply involved in the gambling industry and passionate about responsible gaming, I firmly believe in the crucial importance of gambling regulation. The welfare of players should always come first, and responsible gambling methods significantly contribute to this goal. It is crucial to recognise the possible risks connected to gambling and to approach problems like gambling addiction in a responsible way.

Gambling regulation serves as a safeguard, providing a framework to protect individuals from the adverse effects of excessive gambling. It ensures that operators follow ethical practices, implement age verification measures, and offer resources for responsible gaming.

By setting stringent guidelines, the regulatory bodies help to create a safer environment where players can enjoy their pastime without risking their financial and mental well-being.

Speaking of addiction, it is a significant problem that requires attention. While gambling can be fun, for some people it can also turn into a dangerous addiction. It is essential to raise awareness about the signs of addiction and provide accessible avenues for seeking help.

Gambling Regulation in the UK.

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I want to emphasize that the resource on which I work is dedicated to responsible gaming, providing only unbiased information, and does not encourage any actions that may harm individuals.

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As someone deeply involved in the world of gambling, I often find myself inundated with questions from individuals seeking answers and guidance. Therefore, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to address some of the most frequently asked questions right here.

➡️ How can Gamstop benefit me and what is it exactly?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that allows you to take a break from online gambling by restricting your access to participating gambling websites. If you feel the need to restrain your gambling tendencies and take a break from it, this tool can be helpful.

➡️ How does Gamstop work, and can I trust it to keep me excluded?

When you register with Gamstop, you will be excluded from all participating gambling sites for a specified period. It works by blocking your access to these sites during the exclusion period. Gamstop is a trusted and reliable service, and many players have successfully used it to regain control over their gambling activities.

➡️ Are there any casinos that are not part of Gamstop? How can I find them?

Yes, there are online casinos that operate independently and are not part of the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme. These casinos cater to players who have chosen not to participate in Gamstop. You can find them by conducting a search online or exploring our platform that specializes in listing non-Gamstop casinos. Remember to approach these casinos responsibly and always prioritize responsible gambling practices.

➡️ I’m struggling with gambling addiction. Which actions can I take to get past it?

Overcoming gambling addiction is a challenging process, but with the right support, it is possible. Seek help from professionals such as therapists or support groups who specialize in gambling addiction. They can help you on your road to recovery by offering advice, therapy, and resources. Keep in mind that you are not alone, and that asking for help is a brave move towards regaining control of your life.

➡️ Is gambling a safe form of entertainment if I practice responsible gambling?

Gambling can be a safe form of entertainment when approached responsibly. Set limits on both time and money spent, gamble with disposable income, and be aware of the signs of gambling addiction. By adopting responsible gambling habits and seeking help when needed, you can enjoy gambling as a recreational activity without it negatively impacting your life.

Building Trust Through Transparency

By sharing information about myself, my expertise, and the platform I work on, my goal is to establish trust and transparency, allowing you to make informed decisions and navigate the gambling landscape effectively. I appreciate your time, be well, and see you soon.

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